Why choosing Effbe ?

  • Among the world leaders in the activity of diaphragms for autogas
  • International sales presence
  • Competence centre to guarantee to our customers state of the art development of specific diaphragms for autogas devices
  • The Effbe quality is recognized and used by the world’s biggest manufacturers of autogas device
    • Effbe produces punched diaphragms as well as Reciflex® and Lay-up diaphragms and can offer you the most suitable diaphragm for its use
    • Effbe produces diaphragms with or without gasket (paper, others)
    • Effbe has developed materials with a special resistance to low temperature and anti-weaking coated fabrics

    The Effbe coated fabrics for autogas devices are certified by the most important european institutions and are homologated according to the international standards ISO 15500, R110 and UN67.

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