Reciflex® solutions

Manufactured of coated fabric, the Reciflex® solutions have proven their reliability and their precision on millions of vehicles and in many industrial applications.

The main assets of the Reciflex® diaphragms are:

  • a sensitive operating due to lack of friction even in difficult conditions
  • a great reliability thanks to the use of coated fabric especially conceived
  • an economical conception for an operating without any maintenance
  • an optimal lifetime


The Reciflex® diaphragms are made of a fabric coated on both sides with elastomer. These shaped diaphragms are formed under pressure and temperature.
The form of the Reciflex® diaphragms allows a better stroke in comparison with flat diaphragms.


Due to the different application conditions and to the static, dynamic, chemical and thermal
influences, EFFBE proposes a large range of materials and material combination.

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