For more than 60 years, EFFBE has put at its customer’s disposal all its experience acquired in the different activity fields of industry and automotive.
EFFBE is the ideal partner able to propose you a full range of diaphragm, with or without fabric reinforcement, that is to say flat punched diaphragm, convoluted diaphragm, dish-shaped diaphragm, rolling diaphragms, diaphragm with insert. EFFBE is also specialist in technical parts in elastomer.
Our Reciflex® diaphragms are made out of coated fabric and afford many assets among which an optimal lifetime and the opportunity to use anti-weaking versions.

EFFBE is certified ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 :
Certification ISO 9001 Certification IATF 16949 Certification ISO 14001


EFFBE’s competence centre, with the wealth of its engineers specialized in the diaphragm in elastomer, is also your partner for the development of all custom-made solutions. We accompany you all along your project, until carrying out of the serial parts.
Moreover, EFFBE’s laboratory can develop specific mixtures and fabrics in relation to customer’s needs and market requirements.

Environmental policy

In line with the environmental policy of the Woco group and our wish to protect the enironment, EFFBE took on the commitment to integrate the environmental component into the values and strategy of our facility in Habsheim.
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